Here is my place to display some of the things I have created, from artwork to writings and even more.

Artwork, Writings, Miscellaneous




1998 - 2001

Girlsite - A few of the graphics I have made for the site.

Bi-Co News - Some of the various illustrations that I did to accompany newspaper articles.

Sketches - A few quick sketches I've done.


Flights of Fancy - A collection of poetry that I did for a project in my senior year. Included are two poems from a never-completed "Cat Story" that I worked on in junior high.

Essays - Here are some of the formal papers that I have written while at college: proof that I do actually do work. You might find them unintentionally entertaining as well.


Adventures in Linear Algebra!: The Great Coding Adventure - This was done as a math project for my Linear Algera class. The professor said we could use any format for our write-up, so I took him up on the offer and did a short comic (Don't worry, I made sure to get the teacher's final OK before turning it in).

GirlSite Winamp Skin - I learned how to put together a skin for Winamp (Version 2) and made one for GirlSite. If you don't have Winamp or would like to take a peek before downloading, click here.

Chrissie in Search Winamp Skin - A skin of my sister as Trudy in The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. To take a peek before downloading, click here.

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