Here is a poetry project from my senior year of high school. As the title implies, the poems deal with fantasy and magic.

Contents: Fantasy Haikus, The Ballad of Lupo, Dog of Labrador, The Sheban Salvation, The Knight to his Mistress, The Dragon to his Mistress, Have You Seen an Elf?, The Mysterious Sphinx, And Then What Happened?, I Have Longed.

Fantasy Haikus

One tall unicorn
A figure that seems removed
From the Universe

The sweet mermaid
Wearing many strings of pearls
Sings a lovely song

The sorceress winks
And changes the Universe
All in a day's work

Fluttering, flying
Fairies wander everywhere
Floating like a cloud

The griffin sleeps
This most peculiar creature
With his wings and claws

The Ballad of Lupo, Dog of Labrador

Who saved us from the Cats at war,
And muffled out their Lion's* roar,
So Dogs could bark like none before?
Why, Lupo, Dog of Labrador!

The war's embers were all flying,
And so many dogs were dying,
Defeat seemed to be at old Canodia's* door.

Until a Dog of noble breed,
Did allow us to succeed,
And it was Lupo, fierce Dog of proud Labrador.

He acquired (I know not when).
A powerful and blesséd gem,
Which could control the wind's almighty roar.

He pushed their Lion off a cliff
With the wind's torrential lift,
And defeated those cruel felines in thier war.

We are grateful to and adore,
He who muffled their Lion's roar,
So all dogs bark like none before,
For Lupo, Dog of Labrador!

* Lion = Ruler of the cats, Canodia = Kingdom of the dogs

The Sheban* Salvation

In a palace far away
A ruby has been hid
Here it has come to stay
To be found by a kid
Who will make it a sacred day

The crystal is not the common type
In fact, it is enchanted
It will cease the Canodian fight
When used by the kitten to whom it is granted
All lands will have a sense of right

Crowds will gather all around
To see our noble hero speak
Happy feeling will abound
As this one speaks for all the weak
Speaking for each cat and hound

With a poor young kitten near,
Our hero will say "Please end this fight
Put an end to this sense of fear,
Try to stop in your delight
Of hurting all dogs with your spear"

Then, the jewel will glow with wonder
And send this emotion throughout the land
Casting a spell which all will be under
Making them want to lend a hand
Cats and dogs no longer asunder

* Sheba = Kingdom of the cats

The Knight to his Mistress

"Dear Lady," said the Knight to his Mistress,
"I'm telling joyful news, because at dawn,
I rid the land of all of its distress,
The dragon that has terrorized is gone.

I freed the kingdom from his awful grasp,
His reign of terror has come to its end.
My sword has killed the cruel and evil asp,
To save my country which I must defend.

Now justice has prevailed in the land,
And now there will be peace and harmony.
So I must beg, fair lady, for your hand,
So peace will then exist eternally.

Though I did kill for justice, fair Lady,
I really killed to win some love from thee."

The Dragon to his Mistress

"Dear Lady," said the dragon to his mistress happily,
"I'm victorious in battle, I have killed the enemy.
No longer will he search for gold to keep and beasts to slay,
His cruel sword and even crueller heart I've buried on this day.
He will not wear his old armor or feast in castle halls,
And no longer dance with wretched girls at wretched castle balls.
He will not slay to take more gold for his old chivalry,
Nor will he pledge more falsehoods upon his evil bended knee.
I've freed his stolen treasures and have spread them far and near,
But some I've kept for you, my Love, it is kept for you right here.
There emeralds which I've saved from being with my awful foe,
They will go around your lovely neck, they match your scales so!
And all the crowns and jewels you'll wear at every hour,
Will make you shine and sparkle like the dew upon a flower.
Know I did not kill for dragons, I did not kill for me,
But I did it for your honor, Love, I did it just for thee."

Have You Seen an Elf?

Have you seen an elf?
I have, and they seem,
Just like those figures
Belonging in dreams.

They cand move like the wind
Without being heard
And sing like
The very sweetest

They can speak to the birds,
And the animals too.
They can even
Run over the
Oceans of blue.

Have you seen an elf?
You would know if it's true.
For it would be so
To you.

You see:

As they moved with the breeze
Past the flowers and trees
And conversed with the bees
Then danced over the seas
With incredible ease
Elves would seize
The keys
To your imagination.

The Mysterious Sphinx

You can see scaly dragons by the score,
And tons of pretty fairies clad in pink,
A crowd of elves and unicorns galore,
For every single time you see a Sphinx.

They hide in fear of being seen by us,
And live secluded on a distant hill.
They run away from us simply because
They fear being subject to human will.

While dragons have been killed for virtue's sake,
And griffins knights are often known to kill,
And the unicorns' horns humans did take,
The sphinxes just stay on their little hill.

The very wisest magical creature
Has a fear of us as its chief feature.

And Then What Happened?

One hundred twenty years ago the world saw the last flap of a fairy's wing,
And tomorrow marks the golden anniversary of the last unicorn's death.
Each and every dragon was killed long before Joan of Arc got burned at the stake,
And some hunter clained the last griffin's pelt around the Renaissance.
All the homes of elves have been destroyed to make room for ours,
And even the sphinx has trouble finding a cave to live in.
So the numbers of the magical have declined to nothing,
While we have done nothing but grow.
I guess that evolution just prefers the ordinary.
Even so, it's too bad.

I Have Longed

I have longed to be a unicorn,
And to see the fairies fly.
I have longed to be a sorceress,
With some magic in her eye.
Or maybe even a princess fair,
With twenty roses in her hair.
But this can only happen in stories.
So I must think and I must write,
To somehow make these falsehoods right.

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