Updates and Thoughts - 5/20/02

I graduated today. I'd like to spend a proper amount of space to commemorate the event, but it is late and I need to wake up early tomorrow, so I will need to be brief. In a weird way, this is appropriate, since these 'major life-changing events' all seem to go by so quickly; they happen, but you don't reflect so much as you move past at full speed.

This morning, I went to the graduation brunch with my parents and sister. After that, we spent the interim just hanging out in the town of Bryn Mawr. That way, they saved their parking spot and things could be more leisurely. When the time came, I donned my regalia and lined up with the other seniors to prepare for the ceremony. The ceremony was what you would expect: we came, we processed, we sat, we watched others get their diplomas, we got our diplomas, we left, we conquered (the lemonade table at the reception). I was able to congratulate and talk to just about everyone who I wanted to, so I'm happy about that.

I then went with my family to dinner, which was fun. They seemed proud of my accomplishment, which is, of course, nice. I had neglected to tell them I had graduated Cum Laude (though I thought I mentioned it); they didn't find out until my dad perused the program. Afterwards, they dropped me off and wished me goodnight.

It's a relief and a bit strange to think that this is my last night in a Bryn Mawr dorm room. I'm glad I was able to do well, despite my slacking; I'm more glad that I didn't get so preoccupied with doing well that I made that the focus of my studies rather than the actual learning and development of critical thinking skills. The nice thing about Bryn Mawr is that they try to make it less competitive, and that frees people to challenge themselves more than they otherwise might.

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