Updates and Thoughts - 5/19/02

Today was Convocation; there were several graduation speeches, but the diplomas won't be handed out until tomorrow.

I got up at 10:30 or so and tried to log on, but my internet wasn't working for some reason. I worried that the administration cut the services early for some unfathomable reason, but it worked alright later. In any case, the internet problems allowed me to tear myself from my computer, get out of my room, and close my bank account. I then did some free reading at the coffee shop before returning to my dorm room.

Eventually, I put on a black dress, my robe, and my cap (we don't wear the hood until tomorrow) and lined up for Convocation. It was freezing cold; especially considering what I was wearing, but I survived. Convocation consisted of some performances by the Chamber Singers, speeches by two Bryn Mawr graduate students and the class presidents, an address by Linda Fairstein, and a reading.

After it was over, my family and I went to Philadelphia; we skipped the Garden Party because we couldn't hang around long (and I hadn't really prepared enough for it anyway). After having dinner, we went to the new Kimmel Center and saw "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)". It was an enjoyable show; there are a lot of amusing jokes, and it was interesting to see the performance since I had read the play before. At one point (during the Romeo and Juliet reenactment), an audience member shouted out 'where's the blood', and the cast seemed to have a fun time playing off of the comment; the spontaneous reaction was really funny. And then I got back here.

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