Updates and Thoughts - 5/10/02

Let's see... well, I didn't do much on Monday, though I did go to a rehearsal and workshop.

To my surprise, I woke up super-early on Tuesday; this allowed me to do some catchup work on my drama journal. At one in the afternoon, I had my senior exit interview, during which a professor (in my case it was a Biology prof.) asks you to give your opinions on the school. This took about an hour. A little later, my partner and I had a rehearsal with the drama professor; he seemed to think we are in good shape overall, so I was happy about that. When I got back to my room, I found a wasp on my mug; I hadn't left any windows open, so how it got in my room is a mystery. I am allergic, so I was especially antsy (yay for bug puns). Fortunately, I was able to get it out of there without much trouble. That evening, I did my take-home Psych final. I am glad I went to the review session last week, as she seemed to use the questions that were discussed there as the basis for many of the questions on the exam.

On Wednesday, I turned in the finished exam and took my laptop over to the Starbucks to write my art history paper. Even though public places such as these can be distracting, I think it may be easier to work there than the quiet and privacy of my room. I don't have the temptation to use the internet in the middle of writing, plus I don't have the familiar distractions of my room to keep my from working. I did about five pages before going back to my dorm, and another page when I got back.

Today, I returned to the Starbucks and completed the paper. Though the paper was supposed to be seven pages long, I ended up with an eleven page paper; I was able to change it to a nine page one by playing around with the fonts and spacing. And I didn't end up covering a significant part of what I was planning to write about, though I think the paper is more coherent without the added stuff anyways. Heh, I think that my thesis must have permanently changed my writing style so that I can only write long papers... but an overlong paper is better than one that's too short anyway. All things considered, it was a good 'last paper' (the drama journal stuff doesn't really seem as official in my mind). The research was interesting, though I could have done without the Freudian elements which the author put in at certain points. It was also nice writing at a leisurely pace, rather than a frantic, deadline-induced one.

I spent much of the evening playing with Photoshop. The result is Symbolism Hitting the Student Over the Head: An Allegory, which is meant to parody large scale mythological/allegorical paintings. I think I've taken too much art history...


Why is my subject "well", do you ask? Here's the answer: it's the last word of the last sentence of the last assignment of my collegiate career! I am completely finished with my work! And, I might add, I am done a day early, which never happens.

Well,I got up later than I had been for the past week. I have been getting up at 7 or 8 lately, and I woke up at 10 this morning, but it is just as well. I did my usual routines until 1:30, when I had to go to rehearse for my final performance for class (the performances were at 2). We were able to get one scene in before people started coming into the classroom and things degenerated into a paper airplane fest. Since my scene was the first in the play, my partner and I went first; fortunately, our scene (as well as those of our classmates) went pretty well, though one girl didn't come for some reason... I feel bad for her partner.

After that, I went to the moonbounce that had been set up near the Campus Center and made a fool of myself for a few minutes. I slacked, went to the supermarket, and ate before working on my final journal entry (and, in the process, finishing my collegiate career). I turned it in and went to Taylor to ring the bell; it is traditional for seniors to ring the bell once they have finished. After that, I did nothing of consequence besides, um... well, come to think of it, I did nothing of consequence.

One question remains: What will become of me when I can't procrastinate? I might as well have no purpose in life.

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