Updates and Thoughts - 4/16/02

The last couple of days have been unpleasant for me as I scrambled to get my thesis final draft completed. Extreme lack of sleep is no fun, especially when coupled with unpleasant tasks and caffiene withdrawl. But I did get it done, and that's what counts. It was quite a relief to carry the stacks of books back to the library and know that I'll never have to analyze them again.

I was able to expand my analysis when I did the second draft, and the professor's suggestions helped me to bring out ideas that I hadn't given ample consideration to. I also got the chance to fix a few (cough) mistakes that I didn't catch when I was first plowing through the paper. The paper ended up being 36 pages with an 11.5 font, a bit longer than the 30-35 pages it was supposed to be, but I'd rather have the paper be on the long side than come up a bit short.

Spring has definitely arrived around here; the trees are flowering, the birds are singing... and the weather has started to get annoyingly hot and humid. My room is slightly stuffy, even with the window open. Additionally, the screen is broken, so insects are able to fly in if I leave the window open. Hopefully I'll figure out a way to cool things down a bit around here.

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