Updates and Thoughts - 2/22/02

Anyway, after wasting my time, I headed to the Barnes and Noble and Acme (yes, there are Acme supermarkets here, but they don't sell anvils) to get a 'bedtime story' book for tomorrow night's hell week tradition and some alcohol for trials (seniors were requested to bring some). I got 'Make Way For Ducklings' as a nod to the Saturday duck pond run. On the way, I bumped into the infamous 'Barnes and Noble Guy', who was working at the counters. Here's the BANG (don't you adore acronyms?) story... I used to go to Barnes and Noble a lot during my freshman year, but this guy who worked there kept on following me, and asking if I needed help or about the books I was looking at. Needless to say, I learned to take the longer walk to Borders eventually, and didn't see him after my sophomore year (on Halloween, appropriately enough). I figured that he eventually found a job somewhere else. Well, I bumped into him today, and he observed that I hadn't been around lately and asked whether I was a student. I tried to be polite, but it was a weird, uncomfortable situation. Heh, poor guy.

I then went to the Acme (seniors were supposed to get some alcohol for trials); however, I learned something about Pennsylvania state law that day. Apparently, they only allow liquor stores to sell alcohol. I guess my lack of knowledge just goes to show what a party animal I am. I didn't have the time to get the alcohol, so I just decided to let it be. I rushed back to my fencing class. Because of Hell Week, the frosh were dressed in different outfits according to their 'home dorms' (such as the Denbigh Debutantes, the Rhodes Rodents, the Rockefeller Rock Stars, and, most famously, the Pembroke East 'whore corps' - the legend is that the dorm used to be a brothel or that the women living there, uh, sold themselves to get money for the war effort). During class, one of the girls had to say a Three Musketeers line whenever the teacher uttered the word 'fencing'; she learned to spell it out pretty quickly.

I stayed in my room most of the day, so I didn't see much of the Hell Week shenanigans, though I did walk past some performances of "Oops I Did It Again" and "Hot Stuff" in the Campus Center. Drama class was laid back, even for drama class; we just had a bunch of theater games and didn't work on our sonnets. I slacked off much of the afternoon, though I did get started on my Art History and got some comic stuff done (oh wait, that's slacking too). Later, there was a final meeting for trials. Because of some last-minute problems, I didn't really get to do the 'pre-party' or drink at all. In retrospect, I'm really glad, because I have a lot of work to do tonight.

Anyway, trials was a lot of fun, as it generally is. I didn't have to perform any skits; the 'prom queen' and I basically were in charge of keeping the master list and sending people up to be tried. It was fun just watching the other people perform the goofy "Saved By The Bell", "90210", and "Dawson's Creek" skits. The sophomores and juniors also seemed to get into their thug and geek personas.

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