Updates and Thoughts - 2/21/02

Since today is the beginning of the hallowed Bryn Mawr tradition of Hell Week, there were a few interruptions by frosh who had been made to perform there. The most memorable was one girl who sang a Marilyn Monroe style 'Happy Birthday Mr. President' to the Chorale director. After getting back, there was schedule copying in the dorms; it was kind of sedate compared to my first-year experience.

I then met with other dorm seniors to talk about the Trials skits. A bit of background: Thursday night trials are when the frosh are 'tried' for various quirks and faults. The sophomores push for harsh punishments, the juniors try to be nice, and the seniors are the arbitrators and also 'swear in' the tried frosh. The seniors also orchestrate the evening with a theme and 'skits'... high school is our theme this year. In accordance with the theme, the sophomores are supposed to be bullies and the juniors will be nerds. The seniors do the 'performing'. Though most of the assigning of parts took place on Sunday, when I was 'very busy' and couldn't attend the meeting, there were a few spare parts up for grabs. I ended up getting the prom king; I borrowed a suit from a hallmate (though I have to pin the pants up for them to fit properly) and made a spiffy little crown. It should be fun, and I'll have to post pictures if they come out.

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