Updates and Thoughts - 10/28/01

Tonight was Lantern Night, one of Bryn Mawr's traditions. Luckily, I was able to get a ticket, so I made my way to Thomas Hall, where the ceremony was being held. I had a ticket for the roof, so I had to climb through a window to get there. I also tried to take photos, but I think things were so dark that it was futile, despite the 1600 film I brought. After waiting a while, all the lights in the building were turned off, and things were almost silent as the frosh proceeded onto the courtyard. The songsmistresses chanted a song in Greek as sophmore 'runners' ran and gave the frosh their traditional Bryn Mawr lanterns. This year's class has red as it's class color, and consequently gets red lanterns; my class color is dark blue (what a fun fact!). The songsmistresses led everyone in another Greek song as the frosh proceeded off. Next is step sing, but I opted out of that because I was cold and wanted to go back to my room.

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