While on my trip, I was constantly carrying my camera around and taking photographs of what I saw. These (10!) rolls of photos help to chronicle my experiences during my vacation and help me to remember the fun things that I did on the trip. I have placed my favorite photos from the trip in this section for friends and family to see. I hope that you enjoy them!

Cityscapes - Skyscrapers and Such
Views of the city during the evening and night.
The Flatiron building.
A view of Union Square.
Some buildings in Midtown.
Skyscrapers one, two, three and four.
Skscrapers viewed from Central Park - #1 and #2.
The Empire State Building from the ground.
Four views of the city from the Empire State Building - #1, #2, #3, and #4.
The city in the early evening, as seen from the Rainbow Room.

Cityscapes II - Landmarks etc.
Rockefeller Center.
The area around Rockefeller Center.
Rockefeller Center Plaza during the night and day.
The Radio City Music Hall.
The Metropolitan Opera.
The United Nations: Views one and two.
Views of Times Square: one, two, and three.

Central Park - Images of the Park
Children climbing on the Alice in Wonderland statue.
Views of Central Park - one, two, and three.
A late afternoon lakeside vista.
A lakeside view of Belvedere Castle.
Views of a bridge numbers one and two.
Joggers in Central Park.
A fountain with an angel statue.
Another view of the fountain.
A closeup silhouette of the angel statue.
The area near the zoo with the animal clock.
A statue in the zoo.
The Imagine mosaic in Strawberry Fields.
An image of a walkway with a statue of Shakespeare in the foreground.
A view with a lake and skyscrapers in the background.

MOMA - The Museum of Modern Art
A sculpture in the sculpture gardens.
Another view of the sculpture gardens.

The Guggenheim - Pictures of the museum
The exterior of the Guggenheim.
Pictures of the exhibition inside: one, two, and three.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The building and interiors
A view of the exterior of the Met.
The interior of the main entrance.
The sculpture garden from below and above.
The American wing - views one and two.
The interior of the nineteenth century section.
An interior showing works of modern art.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art II - Works from the Museum
A line of Pharaohs.
An ancient Greek vase.
A Greek bronze head of an eagle.
A Greek lion.
Many Ancient Roman heads.
Medieval knights from the Arms and Armor section.
An African statue of a dog.
A stone Mexican statue.
A Chinese vase.
One of the lions guarding the Asian wing.
A statue from India.
An American statue with Washington Crossing the Delaware in the background.
A close up of one of Rodin's Burghers of Calais.
The statue of Cupid and Psyche.
A group of bronze statues by Degas.

The Cloisters - A branch of the Met dealing in Medieval Art
The exterior of the Cloisters.
A room with Gothic-style arches.
A series of arches near the gardens.
The room containing the Unicorn Tapestries.
A Medieval chapel.
The monument of a knight in the chapel.
A statue of a Medieval king.
A bronze statue of a falcon.

Animals - Animals I Found in the City
A pigeon enjoying its view from the Empire State Building
A penguin in the Central Park Wildlife Conservation Center.
A sleepy polar bear at the zoo.
An otter.
A sea lion swimming - I tried to minimize the reflection on the computer.
A red panda.
A horse in Central Park.
A squirrel poses for the camera.
Another inquisitive squirrel.
Yet another squirrel.

Me - Photos of Me
Me in the United Nations Plaza.
In front of the Metropolitan Museum.
By the Temple of Dendur at the Met.
At the Tavern on the Green in Central Park.

Miscellaneous - Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else
The interior of the Algonquin - I hope to get the sketch I made of the area up soon.

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